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Nobody can build a street-able blower like Box Performance. We been building and driving blowers for over 30 years.  If you want a great sounding blower that you can drive on the street give us a call. Our Base Box Blower starts off with a Blower Shop Blower or Pro Charger with Eagle rotating assembly, World Products Block, Shaft Rockers, Race Tec pistons and Erson Camshaft. We have multiple options for your Blown Engine. Starting * Please Call for Pricing. So if you have dreamed of a blower engine then give us a call for more information. 


Box Performance has built a reputation for creating radical engines for both the street and strip. Gary has spent a lifetime pushing the limits of the street engine. His stroker engines can add more horsepower at a lower price.  We can build Your factory motor into a BIG engine. 427/454 Chevy stroked & bored to a 535 cu. in.  / 302/350 Chevy stroked & bored to a 410 cu. in. / 400 Pontiac stroked & bored to a 500+ cu. in. / 383 Chrysler stroked & bored to a 500/535 cu. in. / 440 Chrysler stroked & bored to a 587 cu. in. / 302 Mustang stroked & bored to a 368 cu. in. / 409 Chevy stroked & bored to a 542 cu. in. Call for Pricing

Here at Box Performance, we can design your custom engine with designer cams, rod lengths, pin heights, compression distances, strokes & bores. Customer's can choose from a selection of high quality parts and brand names. You need an engine builder not an engine assembler to give you a great combination that drives and sounds great. We can consult with you on the best possible performance options for you whether you on the street, racing at the track or both. Prices vary. Call for more information.

Need your engine rebuilt or refreshed up? Engine Rebuild Includes: Disassemble, Degrease, Inspect Parts, Clean Parts, Hone Block, Disassemble Clean & Inspect Cylinder Heads, Valve Job, Check Clearances, File Rings, Install Cam Bearings & Freeze Plugs, Paint Block, Assemble Heads with New Seals, Assemble Engine & Run on Test Stand & Tune. (Replacement Stock Parts Included: Valve Springs, Rings, Bearings, Flat Tappet Cam & Lifters, Timing Chain Set, Gasket Kit, Oil Pump, Oil Pump Pickup, Spark Plugs, Oil Filter, Joe Gibbs Oil, Shipping, Shop Fee) *This does not include any other machine work that may needed to complete the job. If you would like anything more than stock parts, we offer performance upgrades.

Pro charged & Turbo Engines

If you are looking for a build to add a Pro Charged or Turbo power adder. Give us a call. We have both street and race engines that will work for you application. 

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