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The Boxvette

The Boxvette Racing at Cash Days 2017

1965 Corvette


Gary Box Built the Boxvette in 1999. He took to the streets with it and never looked back.  

Awards: Roadkill Nights 2017 1st Place / Cash Days 2017/ Car Craft Dyno Challenge Cleveland Autorama 1st place 2007/ 

Car Craft Magazines Dyno Challenge 1st Place-2004 / US fastest Street Car Shoot out 2nd place 2002


ISCA Outstanding Street Machine-20001 / World Auto Parts Best Pro Street machine 2001


Cleveland Autorama 1st place of excellence 2001 / Car Craft Magazines Dyno challenge 1st Place 2001


Norwalk Raceway Park -Ohio's Fastest Street Car 2001 / Cleveland Autorama Best Engineered Street Machine 2000

Ohio's Fastest Street Car 2001

In 2001, the Boxvette won the Fastest Street Car Shootout at Norwalk Raceway Park. The car had to complete a cruise around the city of Norwalk and then race round robin at the track until there was no cars left standing. 

Pink's ALL OUT TV SHOW 2007

in 2007 The TV show PINKS All OUT come to Nowalk Raceway Park. With a record number of entries and attendees Ohio had the show's highest turnout ever. 

The show did not release timeslips but they pick 10 cars from the same time bracket to race each other.  We were too fast to compete but we were the fastest car of the day and made the perfect pass which never aired on TV. 

Roadkill Night 2017

The Boxvette lives and breathes for events just like this!! We never made any adjustments to the car. We never even opened the hood we just ran and ran until we won. We got a championship moment with champagne and a $10,000 prize for being the fastest car down Woodward Avenue that year. This little black car from Cleveland stole the show.

Discovery Channel
with JJ Da Boss

Two weeks after Roadkill Nights we got an invite to be part of the Ohio Outlaws team and we went to race against JJ Da Boss and his crew on Discovery Channel’s Memphis Street Outlaws.  We picked Lee Robert and his car Nightforce. We lost to Lee but had a great time in the process. We could not have lost to a nicer guy.

Blower Surge, Cruising & Racing all in One. 

The Boxvette can cruise the streets during the daytime, kick some butt at night. It has a 16 gallon gas tank and runs on E85. You can catch the car on the freeway, out in the country and at the track. 

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