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House of SUrge

House of SURGE Blowen Hot Rods

Box Performance has been the place for surge for decades. Gary Box has been driving, building and racing blowers his entire life. While many people don't like surge there is a whole lot of people that do. The surge doesn't cause any harm or imped the engine's performance in anyway. Gary has been driving the Boxvette for over 20 years with blower surge. He has driven over 2000 miles per year and attended many racing events. Starting with the Fastest Street Car Shoot out in 2001all the up to 2017 when he won Roadkill Nights in Detroit. If you want blower surge don't listen to the haters. Give us a call and get you some!

The Boxvette

The Boxvette is the king of surge. If you watch social media then you have probably seen the "Gravel Video" We shot this video as a joke because it was funny how the tire dug into the gravel when it surged and so the gravel video was born. 

Box Blower Customers

Eye candy alert!! Check out past hot rods with Box Blowers in them. 

Box Blower Pics 

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