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About the Box Shop 

Owned & Operated by Gary Box, Local Racing Legend & Engine Builder. Margaret Box, Business Manager and Cory Box, Shop Manager & Engine Builder. 

Gary Box
Racing and building fast engines has been a part of GARY BOX's life ever since he was a teenager. 
Gary Box is the original Street Outlaw. As a junior at Westlake High School in 1970, at 16 years old, he built his first engine, a W30 400 ci motor; for his '66 442 Olds and it went 12.20's at the dragstrip. As the years went on, Gary became known for his string of '67 - 69 Camaros, all of which had big block motors, painted black and were "Bad to the Bone". They were so well known that King's Automotive in North Olmsted named the color "Box Black" because they made it for him all the time.
 During the 70's, while most hot rodders were still running their cars with the tires stuck out of the wheel wells, Box was one of the first in the Cleveland area to have a tubbed street car. To date Gary has owned and modified over 45 cars. Old Timer body man Pete Oster called them 'Box Cars" and the name stuck. He has been building engines and modifying cars for customer's for over 40 years. There isn't anything he hasn't built, seen or fixed in American Muscle. 

Margaret Box

Gary's trip through Berea McDonalds drive thru one day in 1983 for coffee
introduced him to the woman behind the drive thru window. 37 years later,
they are still building the company that was started 20 years ago from
Gary's hobby business. Armed with a Business and Marketing degree,
Margaret manages the daily operations of the company while also
running their extensive social media presences. She also accompanies
the team to all of their racing, car show and trade show appearances.    

Cory Box

Born in 1992, Cory Box has grown up by his father's side in the garage working on cars. He loved hanging out in the shop watching his dad work. Soon he was fetching tools and helping his dad. Cory was taking apart cars and assembling engines by the time he was 12.
Cory owned his first car at 14 and started hitting the track. He ran in the 10's before he was old enough to drive. He had the fastest car at the high school nationals and won tickets to Pinks All Out at 17 years old with his mustang. 
Today, he is the shop manager, mechanic and engine assembler. Cory is the driving force behind the growth of Box Performance in the last few years. He has also stepped up to manage Box Racing and took us all the way to Michigan to win Roadkill Nights in 2017, Pacemakers Cash Days and race on Discovery Channel's Memphis Street Outlaws.

The Boxvette

The Boxvette is a 1965 corvette that Gary Box build in 1999. It has been driving the streets of Ohio ever since. The Corvette has run at the track and on the street consistently.

Boxvette Career 

In 2017, the Boxvette took home the $10,000 prize at Roadkill Nights beating 150 cars to run down Woodward Ave in Michigan. Took 2nd place in 2018. 

Boxvette has raced on Memphis Street Outlaws on season 1 and Season 3. 
In 2001, the Boxvette won the Fastest Street Car Shootout at Norwalk Raceway Park. The car had to complete a cruise around the city of Norwalk and then race round robin at the track until there was no cars left standing. 
Over the years, the car has had many different engines and has been seen cruising as far away as Goodguys in Columbus and at Mill Hollow in Vermilion. It can go 5 miles per hour in a parade in the morning and race at the track in the afternoon. It was given the name the Boxvette from everyone saying "Have You Seen Box's Vette" 

Records: Holds the track record at Norwalk Raceway Park for the Fastest Driven Street Car

Awards: Roadkill Nights 2017 1st Place / Cash Days 2017/ Car Craft Dyno Challenge Cleveland Autorama 1st place 2007

Car Craft Magazines Dyno Challenge 1st Place-2004 / US fastest Street Car Shoot out 2nd place 2002
ISCA Outstanding Street Machine-20001 / World Auto Parts Best Pro Street machine 2001
Cleveland Autorama 1st place of excellence 2001 / Car Craft Magazines Dyno challenge 1st Place 2001
Norwalk Raceway Park -Ohio's Fastest Street Car 2001 / Cleveland Autorama Best Engineered Street Machine 2000
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