We are a full service high performance repair shop. We can handle all of your Ford, Chevy and Mopar needs.
Box Blowers.


Nobody can build a street-able blower like Box Performance can. Gary Box has been building and driving blowers for over 30 years. We can make them cruise a parade in the morning and run at the track in the afternoon.  If you want a great sounding blower that you can drive on the street give us a call. 

Engine Builds or Rebuilds.


Need your engine rebuilt or refreshed up? We can do that. We can rebuild it stock or add some more power to your rebuild. If you want a new engine, we build custom engines for Ford, Chevy and Mopar. We can build it on pump gas, racing gas or E85. 

Monster Stroker Motors.


Box Performance has built a reputation for creating radical engines for both the street and strip. Gary has spent a lifetime pushing the limits of the street engine. His stroker engines can add more horsepower at a lower price.  We can build Your factory motor into a BIG engine. 427/454 Chevy stroked & bored to a 535 cu. in.  / 302/350 Chevy stroked & bored to a 410 cu. in. / 400 Pontiac stroked & bored to a 500+ cu. in. / 383 Chrysler stroked & bored to a 500/535 cu. in. / 440 Chrysler stroked & bored to a 587 cu. in. / 302 Mustang stroked & bored to a 368 cu. in. / 409 Chevy stroked & bored to a 542 cu. in.  


Head Technology.

Box Performance has their own flow bench for getting the most out of your heads. Head porting is a quick upgrade that can add horsepower to your ride.  Gary has been porting his own heads for years to get the most out of his engines. Don't live in Ohio? Just ship your heads to us.


Bolt On's.

Carbs, starters, distributors, superchargers, EFI  systems, fuel systems, ignition boxes, coil etc. Need to upgrade your equipment or add a new supercharger we can do that for you. 

Automotive Repair & Maintenance.

We can manage all your performance repair and maintenance needs. brakes, suspension, transmissions, rear ends, fuel systems, ignition systems and diagnostic issues. 

E85 /Ethanol Conversion.

We can convert your engine to run on E85. It helps your engine run cooler and is cheaper then gas and racing gas. Both the Boxvette anfd Boxstang run on E85 for the last 5 years. Give us a call to learn more about E85

Box Performance Inc.

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